Social Responsibility

Every year MEREZ PETROLEUM sponsors numerous activities as part of our social responsibility in Rwanda to promote the wellbeing of our society. Some events we have sponsored overtime include Miss Rwanda annual beauty peagant, Sports, Wildlife,  Health, Road Safety, Education, Scholarships, Religion, Donations.

Competence and Experience

MEREZ PETROLEUM has over twenty years experience in the fuel industry in Rwanda and EA region. The company has overtime grown to become a leading name in the industry. Our capability and capacity in the fuel industry is highly qualitative and our ability to deliver quality according to the clients’ need and speed is never compromised. Our work force comprises of highly skilled manpower with vast experience built through several years of training and hands-on working.

MEREZ Petroleum is devoted to deliver and uphold superiority in all our products and services to our clients as well as keeping safety standards throughout all our stations and service points. Our stations are monitored on a regularly basis to ensure that our customers receive high quality products and safety..

All our service stations comprise a mini market which sells a wide range of goods including convenience foods, confectionery, drinks and Air time. We strive to make sure customer expectations are always met.

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